About Us

Nishikawa Philosophy


Your own time, your own space
In a private room where your privacy is protected
Where individuals’ needs are respected, elaborate nursing and psychiatric rehabilitation.
Taking sufficient rest and healing your mind
Building up the courage needed to stand up against the harsh realities
And back into society.

Striving for the best psychiatric and physical medical care.

Nishikawa Hospital, built in 1933 by a single doctor as the first psychiatric hospital in Shimane, is now examining and treating patients with stress disorders such as neurosis to patients with severe mental disorders. We own our own laboratory for rapid blood examination. We treat a variety of patients, from patients with internal problems to patients with severe mental disorders, and consider the needs of the community as our first priority. By early stage treatment and appropriate pharmacological treatment combined with private rehabilitation we are able to conduct maintenance drug therapy and have patients return to society healthy. But we are not satisfied with this and try to strive for a medicine-free treatment.

From state-of-the-art equipments to high quality services, always striving for the best for our patients.

Using the latest medical devices, we aim for the most accurate and most speedy examinations as well as treatment. By implementing systems such as the ordering system, we are improving the hospital in many ways. In the future we are planning on renewing the wards, upgrading our medical treatment, and having individual nursing and rehabilitation, always thinking of ways to improve.

Being able to be alone, yet not left alone, an environment where privacy and communication coexists.

As privacy and amenity as the theme, private rooms for most of the patients have been used in the hospital for over 20 years. It has scientifically been proven that a treatment environment where the patient can be at peace of mind and rest is the best way to speed up the healing of sicknesses related with the mind. But at the same time we have also thought that the comfort created by patient and doctor communication as well as patient and patient communications is also an important way of treatment.

In the general ward we have increased the number of day-rooms, which have many bright lights, where patients can interact with other patients and have a chat or even play games. We have even created day-rooms in some floors of the PICU (Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit) wards as well, respecting “self” as well as interaction.

Surrounded by nature, people meet with one another, aiming for a boundless heart filled treatment.

In the facility, there exists lawn, wisteria trellis and arbor; an environment filled with nature and green. We often see patients talking with one another and patients are free to walk out of the hospital grounds. By doing this we have mother nature gently hug and heal our patients.

As for rehabilitation, in the OT and daycare ward there is a dome shaped gymnasium where patients and daycare members actively move their bodies.

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