Department Introduction

Medical Practice Department

Medical Practice Department Goals

(1) To quantify the treatments’ effectiveness and efficiency, and create a foundation where treatments can constantly be evaluated and improved.

(2) Constantly learn cutting-edge medical technology and medical knowledge, and create a foundation where new ideas can actively be incorporated.

 <Detailed Countermeasures>

1. Efforts to Quantify

2. Periodic Study Sessions

3. One Person, One Performance

4. Information Transmission via Homepage


Rehabilitation Department

Rehabilitation Department Goals

1. Increase the Patients’ Satisfaction

*Long Term Goal:

Stratification of patients (members)and selection of programs best suited for the patients (members), resulting in an improvement of patient satisfaction, discharge support, and promotion of employment.

*Short Term Goal:

Construct a target for each goal, and an implementation of a meeting, which will be conducted at the end of each year, to report about this topic.

2. Improvement of Treatment Techniques/Skills of the Staff

*Long Term Goal:

Incorporate the SST method and promote its use.

*Short Term Goal:

Raise a SST authorized lecturer.

*Long/Short Term Goal:

Every year each person will research 1 case regarding this topic and will present their findings at either the in-hospital study session, in-hospital presentation conference, or out-hospital presentation conference.

3. Promote our Hospital to the Outside

Utilization of our HP, periodic updates of blogs, updating our 3 departments on the introduction page, spreading information through the Family Association.


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