Satellite Facilities

Home Nursing Programs


Home Nursing Care Station

Physical Nursing • home rehabilitation to mind care.

A nurse will visit your home and assist/support you for 24 hours. Also if needed for the patient, we can provide 2 physiotherapists to visit his/her home and assist in his/her rehabilitation.

Service Content

  • Daily life care
  • Medical procedure
  • Home rehabilitation Nursing
  • Infection prevention guidance
  • End-of-life care
  • Moral Support
  • Family Support

Smile Helper Station

A nurse will visit your home and will assist you with daily activities.

Service Content

Physical Care

A service in which the nurse is physically in contact with the patient and assists him/her with his/her daily life.

Life Assistance

A service in which the nurse does services such as cleaning, laundry, cooking, and other daily tasks.

Care plan Seiwa

We create care plans!

In order for people to have a better life in their own homes we communicate with many services to find the best solution and create a care plan for each individual.

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