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Home Assistance (NACT)

NACT stands for Nishikawa Assertive Community Treatment and was created in 2004 April.


What is ACT

>ACT is a program in which specialized teams aid individual patients so they can live in the environments he/she is used to.

What we think is important

We do rehabilitation fit for the individual patient.

We focus on skills the patient is best at.

We see the patient as a whole (comprehensively).

By cooperating with many types of jobs, we share understandings, techniques, and information to support the patient.

We support family and related people as well.

Services We Provide

Finding residence, assisting in troubles within residence.

Shopping, cooking, transportation and other everyday assistance.

Assisting in looking for a job.

Advice in how to spend pension and financial aid.

Actively connecting with society.

Assisting the family of the patient.

Assisting in psychiatric treatment, such as picking up medicine.

Assisting in medicine intake and other things concerning the illness.

Assisting in case of emergencies and hospitalizations.

Assisting in physical wellness.

Our Wish

Even with severe psychiatric diseases such as schizophrenia people can stand back up. To be respected by others, to take back hope, to live in society, to live your life while aiming for a goal, this is what we call “recovery”.

NACT employees aim for this “recovery”.

We hope for patients who have been in and out of hospitals over and over again to be able to live in their homes even 1 day longer than before. We want people to have more faith in their own powers, and have courage, so they can take back their lives. We wish to assist in that journey.

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