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Village Seiwa

Village Seiwa

What is Village Seiwa?

Village Seiwa is a group built by the Social Medical Corportation Seiwa-kai, composed of many satelite facilities , all with the same goal, to support and improve the daily and social lives of people with disabilities.

As a partner for the people with disabilities living in the community, Village Seiwa is strongly encouraging them to participate in community activities. Experts such as Mental health welfare specialists, help conduct life consultations, support employment, provide dinner・bath service, give elaborate advices and support the people with disabilities in many other ways.

What Kinds of Services Are There?

Community Activity Support Center – Oasis


Oasis is a place for people with disabilities who live in Hamada to rest and consult. We aim for a township in which people with disabilities can live safely. Today’s society is called “stress society”. There are many problems haunting people with disabilities in today’s society, such as “I can’t sleep” “I don’t have any confidence” “I can’t interact with other people well”. Oasis is a place where people with disabilities in the community can come to clear up their minds. Healthy people, people with troubles please feel free to come as well.

Oasis Services
  • Consultation (On daily life)
  • Livelihood support
  • Provide a rest place
  • Job assistance
  • Lunch, dinner, bathing service (Not free)
  • Exchange with the community
  • Provide information to help with everyday life.

Consultation Support Office – Hidamari


We support people with disabilities in our community by consulting so they can live life independently. We mainly support people with disabilities and their family whom live in our community. We consult and manage which services they should use, as well as follow-ups after completing the services. Hidamari’s goal is for people with disabilities to be able to live in society, “Decide your lifestyle, and adjust to it”, we provide assistance so this can become reality.

Hidamari Services
  • Counseling and Support
  • General consultation
  • Regional consultation support (regional migration, regional settling)
  • Planning consultation support
  • Visit support
  • Assistance using welfare assistance services
  • Support by using social resources
  • Assistance necessary for protecting rights
  • Introduction of specialised agencies

Short-term Housing– Minatomu


We provide temporal housing for those who have a disability and if the people who are aiding you have taken a temporally leave.

For people like….

  • *You were living with your family but due to an illness your family members had to be hospitalized. Since living alone is too much stress…..
  • *Living with your family has become a stress, but living alone is too much for he/she to handle, maybe taking a short time alone is nice…..
  • *Communal living aid and community life care establitishment (Long-term housing) – Minatomu
  • *Housing for people who need long-term housing as well as daily support. Currently there are 7 different types of housings available.

For people like…

  • *Living alone is scary, I would like to get daily assistance and also live in the community….
  • *I have been discharged from the hospital but living in society is kind of scary… I need some practice….

Support for Continuous Employment (A/B type jobs) – Shiokaze


We provide jobs for people with disabilities that would otherwise have a hard time finding a job in society. A type: Employment jobs, B type: Non-employmen jobs.

Village Seiwa: Main building

A: Laundry Business (Skill required)
B: Laudry/folding (Simple tasks)

Village Seiwa: Oasis building

B: Lunch delivery business

Support for continuous Employment (A/B type jobs) –


Hamakaze recycle center

A: General Waste Collection
Automobile Maintenance Business
Garden Business Management
B: Recycle Waste Separation
Garden Maintaining

Nishikawa Hospital Nutrition Management Ward

A: Washing the dishes
Serving wagon transport business
B: Kitchen aid business

Food Provide Service

We provide food for those who use our services. (Not free)food

Transportation Service


For those who use anyone of the Village Seiwa services, may use the transportation service. Bus times and routes depend on each services.

Other Services

Facility Rental Service


Local Interchange Rooms and other part of the 1st Floor Main Building may be used for meetings, training, and other events.

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