Severe Dementia Daycare Yu-yu

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We help people with dementia in the environment they are used to or the house they are used to so they can live a “happy life”. We concentrate on each person’s wishes and their possibilities and conduct individual rehabilitations. We also provide aid to the family members and other related people.

Servere Dementia Daycare Yu-yu is…

As an outpatient treatment, we conduct an individual approach, supporting each person differently, using ICF as a basis. We create a program based on the patients’ wants as well as strong points. We also support the patients in many other areas such as supporting daily healh as well as  mental health care, family support, and relationships with external organizations.


Target Audience

  • Forgetful of multiple things, cannot organize your thinking
  • Cannot recognize roads, gets lost easily
  • Cannot do basic daily activities


Daily Schedule

8:30 Pick Up (Bus)
9:30 Morning Time
Rehabilitation/Stretch Warm Up
11:30 Lunch
13:00 Individual Activities/Group Activities
15:00 Tea Time
15:30 Home (Bus)



Our program contains individual activities such as brain exercises and musical activities, as well as group activities such as handicrafts and farming. Programs can be changed at any time according to the individual’s wishes.



Monday~Saturday 9:00-15:30(Not including transportation time)


Medical Doctor・Nurse・Occupational Therapist・Psychiatric Social Workers・Assistant

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